WPBakery Page Builder remove line wraps after updates


Hi, I’ve just updated my website to Jupiter to 6.0.1 version and WPBakery Page Builder (Modified Version) to 5.4.5 version. After that, if I edit any text block and I save, all the line wraps (paragraphs) disappears and the text comes in a single paragraph.

How can I solve this? Thanks


hi there,

WP bakery Update … and now problem is solved.




Even after the update (to, I still have the same problem mentionned by @Francesco.

Let’s say in a VC text block I have something like this:

<p><strong>My title</strong></p>
<p>My content</p>

Then I save my content and page. It’s looking good front-end. Perfect.
If I go back in the same VC text block, then the <p> tags have been stripped. I can deal with that, it’s OK, since the text is formatted and looks fine front-end, and like this in the VC text block (with all the right spaces between the different paragraphs):

<strong>My title</strong>

My content

BUT it is when I change the content of the same block (let’s say by adding text), or even if I don’t change anything in there, but just save my page, everything becomes aligned on the same line, with no space. So after saving, if I go back to the same block, it now looks like this:

<strong>My title</strong> My content

And front-end, of course, it doesn’t look better.

I know that VC (or the Jupiter’s modified version?) rewrites and strips your html tags, and I always thought it was quite annoying, but this is a little bit more serious.

Hope there will be a fix soon!



Go to Jupiter -> Control Panel -> Required Plugins and update the WPBakery Page Builder to

It will fix the removal of line breaks or paragraphs.



This is still happening for me. I have updated Wordpress (Version 4.9.1), updated to Jupiter 6.0.1, and WP Bakery VC

Thanks in advance.


Same here, I have update Wordpress (v4.9.1), Jupiter theme (v.6.0.2) and Page Builder(v. Every time I save/update all the line breaks and paragraphs disappear.


@Uncle_Jake @NickLis

This might actually be happening because of the cache.

Could you please clear your browser cache (ctrl+f5 or cmd+f5) and purge the plugin cache (if using any cache plugin).

You can also check out this video to clear your cache and do a hard reload http://take.ms/p9ced

You could also check the site on any other device or browser.