WPBakery Licensing Issue


I purchased Jupiter theme through Theme Forest. I activated the theme and the WPBakery plugin on a child portal as part of a multisite. I registered WPBakery on the new site and it logged into ThemeForest and correctly activated the license.

Then, we had problems getting some of the plugins to work correctly and were forced to rebuild the site as a standalone portal and move the domain to this site. So, I deactivated the Jupiter license on the old child portal and reactivated it on the new just fine. But, I had no success getting this to work on the WPBakery plugin. When I’ve tried resolving it on the WPBakery site, every attempt to resolve it leads me back to a page to purchase a new WPBakery license. They have a closed loop support system where the only way to get support is to purchase a new license.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Could you please clarify what issue you have with WPBakery?
Can’t you register the plugin or the Visual Composer editor doesn’t work on your pages?

If you have screenshots of the problem, please share them. It will be very helpful.

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When I go to my plugins, I have a notification that my WPBakery plugin needs to be updated but that I must first activate it (this is the plugin I received as part of the Jupiter Them). (Screenshot 1 below)

I am then taken to an active screen. (Screenshot 2 below)

So, I click activate. It says it cannot find a license. So, I click import it since I bought Jupiter through Theme Forest/Code Canyon. (Screenshot 3 below)

It asks for approval to access my Theme Forest purchase history and I give it. (Screenshot 4 below)

It says it cannot find any licenses. I keep going around and around this circle but it doesn’t work. I am only using this theme and this plugin on this single standalone WP installation. (Screenshot 5 below)

I did previously install this theme and plugin on a child portal of a multisite and registered the licenses under the https://launchhouston.org site and domain. I then discovered that all my chosen plugins would not work correctly on a multisite/child portal. So, I had to rebuild the site as a standalone site. Then, I unregistered the Jupiter Theme from the previous multisite installation and reactivated it on the standalone site and that worked perfectly. However, WPBaker provides no mechanism to unregister or deactivate their license from the old site and install it on the new one.

So, I am stuck. I spent hours trying to find a way to submit a support ticket on WPBakery’s site to address this issue but the only way to do so is to begin by verifying your valid license and obviously, I cannot as this is this is the issue I am trying to get help with. I will do not want to have to spend another $45 license fee for WPBakery on top of having purchased the Jupiter Theme just to get my updates.

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Sorry, after writing this with individual screenshots, I was informed I could only attach a single photo as a new user so I had to photoshop all the screenshots into a single long image.



You don’t need to activate the plugin and don’t update it now.
The updates for bundled plugins are provided along with a new theme version.
So when Jupiter update is released and you updated it, you can update the VC plugin in Jupiter > Control Panel > Required Plugins.

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When I go to Page > Backend Editor > Add Template, I get the message “Activate WPBakery Page Builder
WPBakery Page Builder Template Library downloads are available for activated versions only. Activate WPBakery Page Builder direct license to access Template Library and receive other benefits.” It shows me a library of templates but does not let me download or access any of them.

My Jupiter template is up-to-date along with all of the included plugins. Yes, the editor is turned on in Roles for admin. I can add text blocks or elements, but not a template from WPBakery.


It’s the basic version of WPBakery Page Builder that ships FREE with the theme.
About the WPBakery templates, that is a Premium feature of WPBakery for which you will have to purchase the WPBakery license separately.

Note: WPBakery templates and Jupiter templates are two separate things. For WPBakery templates, you will have to purchase the WPBakery license while as Jupiter templates are free to use.