WPBakery issue with Wordpress 5.0


Thanks for your reply @Danish_Iqbal

Unfortunately not having a purchase code we are unable to access the 6.1.6 files from the releases/ page you’ve shared.

Currently, Jupiter X is up for sale on Themeforest. Can you confirm that if we buy Jupiter X from Themeforest, we’ll be able to access theme files for Jupiter 6.1.6 from Themeforest or /releases/ page you’ve shared?


Yes, if you purchase the theme and download the whole bundle/package, you will get files for both Jupiter 6 and Jupiter X.


Hello! I wonder if I can ask for a hint related to more or less same issue - WPBakery+WP 5.1.1
I got mostly all done but iPad issue with a gallery at front page. Do you have any idea which section to edit to fix it?


still working great.
i see that the visual composer frontend is also working without classic-editor-plugin.

can you confirm?


Unfortunately, I don’t understand what exactly the issue is here :thinking: