WP Rocket LazyLoad and Jupiter 6.1.6 doesn´t work - but you get nearly 40% more Pagespeed


The LazyLoad function from WP Rocket improves the mobile Pagespeed of Jupiter 6 really a lot, if you run a site with many images. (I got 40% faster Loadingtimes with Google´s PageSpeed Insights)

The Problem is: Mobile (not Desktop) it only loads some images, some not and the mobile navigation is buggy while loading. And it doesn´t load svg´s files (my website logo). The YouTube teaser images are not shown, if the option is activated.

So LazyLoad has only a few bugs left on Jupiter 6 and you use WP Rocket already in Jupiter X. Please fix Jupiter 6 within the next update, so that the theme works fine with WP Rocket´s LazyLoad. That would be a really great speed improvement to the theme.

e.g. I deactivated the internal LazyLoad function from Jupiter 6, but that does´t solve the problem.