WP Bakery or Visual Composer Installation in Jupiter


Theme forest says the theme JUPITER X comes with WP Bakery plugin included. But I couldn’t find it in the package. How do I install it ?


At the moment, there are two packages in the Jupiter theme you download from ThemeForest. One is the Jupiter and the other is Jupiter X. Jupiter is with WPBakery Page Builder, but at the moment, Jupiter X comes only with Elementor. However, soon it will have the WPBakery Page Builder too. So, you can actually find the WPBakery if you install Jupiter instead of Jupiter X at the moment.


I’ve been able to successfully install it but the edit buttons within wp bakery dont work. ugh.


You would need to install and activate Classic Editor plugin to make it work again for now.


I did that but its not working either ;/


Can you share a screenshot of the page containing the issue? Also your system report in the Control Panel -> System Status is appreciated.