WooCommerce Sidebar not showing up


I’m having an issue with the WooCommerce not showing the Sidebar on both Product Archive Page and also the Single Product Page.


I added the Categories and Filter Widgets to “WooCommerce Single Page & Shop Page”, however I do not see anything populating them so I removed it once again.

Please assist with this?


What you can do to troubleshoot this issue is:

1 - Make sure the Shop page is set correctly in Woocommerce > Settings > Products > Shop page.

2 - Make sure the sidebar is set correctly in Shop Customizer for the Shop page. It might be set automatically for category pages.

3 - Make sure in Appearance > Widgets the “Woocommerce Shop Widget Area”. is populated with some widgets.

4 - In case none of these worked fine, please kindly reset your Theme Options to the default and make sure the steps above are done. Remember to take a backup before this one, otherwise you might loose your theme options.



I have this exact issue.

I already have reseted the theme properties and worked fine…until I import my settings back. Then, the problem reappears, so there’s a problem with the shop customizer.

What can we do to solve this?


This simply means there is some setting that is hiding the sidebar.
You will have to check the settings one by one.


hi. I have double check the settings for each page. Nothing is hiding it. As stated before, If I reset the parameters back to the defaults, the sidebar shows. Something’s wrong with the shop customizer.


Okay, this might need some debugging.
Please log in to your Artbees account and start a new live chat with the support and explain your issue.



Inconvenient setting of the product page. Faced the same problem. Until you create a separate rule for the store in the sidebar settings.
Though before exposed parameters on the page in Advanced Custom Fields position and the sidebar zero reaction.