Woocommerce products cramped together and broken


Hey guys

This problem has happened since the update to 5.9. I just rolled back and stayed patient… but now we are up to v6 and still the same fault is occurring so I really want to get it fixed. So, all the woocommerce product pages are broken… from product loops, to shop pages and single product pages. Probably a lot of others as well.

The products are crammed together, all misaligned and just plain wrong. The single product pages displays a huge image and again, just broken. I have updated jupiter on a dev site so you can now take a look yourself…



I have removed all plugins except visual composer and woocommerce. No fix. I removed the child theme and all custom CSS… no fix.

Any ideas?



I don’t see any problems:

Have you resolved the issue?

Best regards,
Artbees Support.


It was a caching issue, after you replied to me, I just did several hard refreshes and it eventually fixed itself


Glad to hear it.

Best regards,
Artbees Support.