Woocommerce checkout delay


After submitting an order in checkout page there is always a delay before to send to thank you page, the problem is that in default theme (seventeen…) there is a visuel spinning that indicates to wait but in your checkout template page it is not, so when you click or “proceed to payment” nothing happen…


When you click the Proceed to Payment, the page actually refreshes to another page.

Do you want to show a spinning icon before the page refreshes to another page?



Yes when i click on this it goes to the thank you page but with a delay before to launch the url. On all default wordpress themes there is a spinning icon before to refresh to woocommerce thank you page, and it’s missing on Jupiter.


I have reported this to dev and hopefully, it will be looked after pretty soon.



wowww thanks a lot !


Would you have any new about this because it becomes a serious problem on my ecommerce…
thanks a lot


I have already reported this issue.

Hopefully, the issue will be resolved soon.



I saw 6.1 update log unfortunately i don’t read anything about this point… :frowning:


Unfortunately, it seems there are many issues on the priority list that are more critical than this issue.

Moreover, there are hardly any users which reported this issue, so I am not sure if it will be fixed anytime soon.

Hopefully, it will be fixed in the future. For now, you will have to find a workaround.