Woocommerce: change thumbnail size on product page, css question + problem with image enlargement

  1. When a product page has 5 images, the thumbnails are shown on 2 rows (1 with 4 thumbs and 1 with 1 thumb). This doesn’t look very nice. Is there a way to make them smaller or make rows of 5 thumbs?

See https://www.ingeklikt.com/product/dames-fietsshirt-flamingo-madness/ for an example.

  1. Is there a way to remove the black stroke around the thumbnail that is currently activated?

  2. When clicking on one of the images to enlarge them, there is no easy way to go back. No arrow or something. The only way back to the product page is using the ‘back arrow’ in the browser’. Is there a fix for this?

Hope anyone can assist :slight_smile: