Woocomerce 3.4.2 support


Hi just wondering when there will be a theme update as im getting theme outdated errors after a woocommerce update from a few weeks ago.



Can you be more specific with respect to the errors you get?

In case you get the notification that some templates are incompatible with WooCommerce…

… then there is no reason to worry: you can safely ignore the (template) error notifications.

In fact, I have reported this bug already AND a work-around is present: just activate shop customizer!

To activate shop customizer, follow the first three steps in the article:

and afterwards, the (template) error notifications will be gone.

However, make sure to check your shop design afterwards, since it can change a bit.

In addition, a manual work-around is possible (read: just adjusting the templates manually), but I will not go into this solution at this moment, since we are awaiting a bug fix.

Hope the above helps a bit…

Kind regards