Woocomerce 3.4.2 support


Hi just wondering when there will be a theme update as im getting theme outdated errors after a woocommerce update from a few weeks ago.



Can you be more specific with respect to the errors you get?

In case you get the notification that some templates are incompatible with WooCommerce…

… then there is no reason to worry: you can safely ignore the (template) error notifications.

In fact, I have reported this bug already AND a work-around is present: just activate shop customizer!

To activate shop customizer, follow the first three steps in the article:

and afterwards, the (template) error notifications will be gone.

However, make sure to check your shop design afterwards, since it can change a bit.

In addition, a manual work-around is possible (read: just adjusting the templates manually), but I will not go into this solution at this moment, since we are awaiting a bug fix.

Hope the above helps a bit…

Kind regards


It will be fixed in the next update. Unfortunately, there is no ETA for the update.




It is about time that the new version of Jupiter theme gets released, certainly when taking into account that a new(er) version of Visual Composer has been released.

I hope that you can release a new Jupiter theme version soon!

Kind regards…


We use a modified version of WPBakery Page Builder so the update of the original version will have no effect on the modified version.

We will release update after few weeks just to ensure that the new release of WPB page builder is stable.