Wishlist Icon in header showing wishlist of all users ...how to show only logged user wishlist


I have jupiter theme and using YITH Wishlist plugin …
(1) Wishlist Icon in header showing wishlists of all users how to manage it and show only wishlist of logged user…

(2) Cart icon is not updating in real time …mean whenever i add product in cart , it is not updating immediately but it needs me to refresh whole page …


Is it happening because of the YITH plugin or does it happen even without that?


@Danish_Iqbal i am using YITH plugin to manage wishlist this problem is happening.cart icon is also not refereshing automatically …cart is refereshing after page refresh .


@Danish_Iqbal I have not used any other plugin if you can advice me then tell which one is better with jupiter theme…


Honestly, I am not too sure as to why this issue is happening.
You will have to start a live chat as it needs deeper investigation.


@Danish_Iqbal we can discuss it on teamviewer if you agree otherwise tell me how can i proceed to have live chat


Please go to your Artbees account and you will see a live chat icon at the bottom right corner.

Or you can create a new support ticket here https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/new-ticket