Widget toolbar in header


Would be great to have a widget area in the header so that we could place things such as language switcher etc there


Hi, yes that would be great!
I think it would be nice if there would be a ‘Menubar Area’ in the “widgets” menu. So you can move the widgets in&out. For example than you can add ‘social network’ widgets move in the menu header, and change the positions.
There is a plugin i tried to use, called: MENUBAR WIDGETS, but this only works half in Jupiter 4…
And plugins that work only half are more like: “Useless”.

So bring it on!! Number Five!


Thank you for your feature request,

Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and/or they see it fit.


I would also find this feature handy as I would like to include a simple signup form between the logo and the menu content for a site.


Thank you for your follow up.


I would love to see widgets also under the menu that is set to “vertical” (but hidden on small screens).

The search and header toolbar would also be handy also in a vertical menu when screen is big enough.


I love this idea!! Need more flexibility in the header and then I think this template would be flawless!


I’d love that too. But all widgets, and contents should appear on the SAME ROW on small screens, instead of showing on top of each other in different rows which is how it is at the moment.


Yes please! That was a great idea.
Any news on this (quite old) topic?