Widget of specific Posts possible?


Is it possible to have a widget similar to the RECENT POSTS Widget, but instead displaying Posts that I can specify? Thanks.


Unfortunately, there is no such widget available in the theme but yes, it can be done.
May be you can search for some plugin or create one yourself.


Thank you - I appreciate your response. That’s a shame.


What you can actually do is that you can create a new empty page, add the BLOG element as it gives you option to add the specific posts that you want to. Add the specific posts and set the settings that you want to.

Then, click on the Classic Mode of the WPbakery on the same page and then click on the TEXT tab.
Copy the whole code of the BLOG element, you will have to exclude the code of the page section or the row.

Now, add an HTML widget in the required sidebar on the widgets page and paste this code in the HTML box.

Let me know if this works?


wow! Will do. Thanks


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face: