Why do I have to translate the theme?


In your instructions “Setting up a Multilingual Website with the Polylang Plugin” it is said:
Note: You should also translate the theme to your other languages. You can find a guide for that in this article. Please note that .po/.mo files should be created manually for each language.”

That surprised me. I am not sure: Do I have to do that or will it work even without translating the theme maybe? If not: Why do I have to translate the theme as well?
Maybe it would be helpful for future users like me to explain that shortly furthermore within these instructions.

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To translate the theme means you need translate the strings that are related to the theme, for example contact form, some Woocoomerce fields that are overridden in the theme, or breadcrumbs.

Thank you.
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Thank you! Means, I don’t need to translate these strings if I don’t use such features like contact form or woo commerce.



You can translate only the strings that are related to your site.
If you don’t use Woocommerce or contact form, then just skip those strings.

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