White Label the Jupiter Theme



Avada and the 7 have both come out with a white label option to brand their themes as anything you want! Change the login screen, the theme name and thumbnail etc etc. Would be awesome if Jupiter offered this as well.



Well, you can already change all the default Jupiter branding and the theme name.

You can change the theme name, the logo or any other branding.

Although there is no tool or option to change all the brandings, you can still change all the branding.



lol well yeah, the point is having the tool to make it a million times simpler for those not using child themes.

Even if this was an add on for VIP members that would be great… which is something you guys have advertised for years and never followed through on.


I understand. :smiley:

Thank you for the feature request. We will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests or if our developers see it fit.



+1 this would be really useful.