Where to set the target URL for search icon


Hi there,

I know that the search icon should start a popup but I want it to go to a specific page. Where can I set the target URL for the search icon inside the Jupiter theme settings?



There is no such option of setting the target URL.

You will probably have to custom code it.



oups, that’s a bummer. There should be an option for that in the theme itself. For what have I bought it if I have to custom code that feature? Where can I add this as feature request?

Thanks, Uwe


I understand but having every feature in the theme is not really possible and that too the feature you are talking about is not widely wanted.

You can request this as a feature by creating a new topic here http://forums.artbees.net/c/jupiter-user-requests/add-your-requests-here

If the request gets many votes or if it’s found suitable by our dev’s, our dev team will consider adding it.