What is Jupiter X Pro Plugin?




Activate it and you’ll see
Jupiter X Pro - This plugin requires Jupiter X theme v1.3.0 and above. Please update your theme to the latest version.

1.3 is not available in the updates page.


Please be patient and don’t activate that plugin until the next version is release. It’s planed to be released soon.


Upgrade to Jupiter X Pro to unleash its superpowers! What is this?


Ive already activated to see what it was, not I can’t deactivate. What do I do now?


You should be able to do so but if it’s not possible. You can delete jupiterx-pro folder from .../wp-content/plugins/ in your server.

You can access there via ftp or your server file manager (e.g cpanl).


Why is there no documentation on this new plugin we are required to install???


Here it is:




Thanks mate. Turns out Jupiter X Pro is basically breaking everything these days - that and the bundled Raven plugin. This asset compiler is a mess


Hello Jimmy, will deleting the Jupiter X Pro plugin folder affect the Jupiter X theme negatively in any way? My entire website shuts down into Maintenance Mode whenever Jupiter X requires a Pro plugin update or Core plugin update, and I have to switch themes on the backend in order to get into the admin portal, which is very distressing.


Same for me. My website was in maintenance mode twice this week because there were updates for Artbees’ plugins. Guys seriously THAT IS BULLSHIT!!!
When will this be fixed?
Shall we deactivate the “Jupiter X Pro plugin”?