Weird things when selecting 'custom' in homepage



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ask this question.

Yesterday I bought this Ken theme. I installed it and downloaded and installed the Estate template. After downloading and activating all necessary plugins it seemed to be working fine. But after I selected ‘custom settings’ on the homepage, the whole lay-out of the template changed and I couldn’t get it right anymore, even after unchecking the switch.

Usually I can restore the website by choosing a revision and go back one or two revisions, but the option is not there in the side bar of Wordpress. I read on a forum that you need to change the screen options on top of the screen but I can’t click it, it’s light grey.

I’m sorry but even after 10 minutes this theme got me so frustrated. As a matter of fact I almost wish to ask for a refund. Before I’m going to do so, can you please help me on this issue? Maybe I’m to impatient.

Thank you for your attention.