Website Loading REALLY slow!


My website, is built with Jupiter X. The site is loading awfully slow. I have added WP Super Cache, I have lazy loader and have compressed photos with Smush.


look at

your Pictures to big. It seems that your image compressor does not work vieweasily incorrectly set


I ran a speedtest for your site and your website size is 9.2 MB out of which image are of 8MB which is huge

I see that many of your images are around 500KB’s. Please optimize your images so that no image is more than 200KB in size.


Same problem here. I’m on cloudways (digital ocean - dedicated machine) with jupiterx/elementor pro and the TTFB is very high (over 4 seconds), when I switch to default wordpress theme this came back normal.

So with jupiterx website speed is over 4/5second (pingdoom test with high TTFB)
without jupiterx (default wordpress theme) is under 1 second.

I use all the best tecnique (light images, wp rocket etc etc) on site.
The problem is the same of He have for sure problem with dimension of images, but is not the point. His TTFB is very high, and i’m pretty sure that depends, as me, from jupiter x.

Whats happens?
Thank you


Hello MS Jup
by from Sylvia if not only the Problem the Picture, here wp super Cache in this time not working, many critical Chains, my tipp for Silvia if take Automize the most Problem if on the way and take 150 Picture free to compress full automatic in month then your side go many faster. not forget always look at the Setup from plugins

i have spend many time for Speed up and Caching my side . i have 16 Plugins activ and i dont have a Server ,only i have in this time a Webspace you can test my side
Performance grade A97 Page size 367.1 KB Load time 356 MS Requests 7
and i work with Jupiter x too :slight_smile:
It is often so that you simply overlook settings and that the success is not achieved, good if when you post your side we can look what if the Problem.



I would suggest you to use Autoptimize or WP-ROCKET plugin and see if it makes any progress.


I’m using wp rocket from the day 0.
I found a bug in the meanwhile related to wp rocket/jupiterx: after last update if I activate the option “Load JavaScript files deferred” (in safe mode too) the site lose the font (i’m using a google font).