Webcraftic Clearfy Optimization Plugin - What features can we disable that this plugin suggests.(Jupiter 6, wpbakery)


Webcraftic Clearfy suggest you disable specific features in wordpress as they have outdated or you don’t really need it. But i think ive screwed up my site a few times by enabling these features. so going to post a list of features. Can someone reply back on what features I am safe to disable in jupiter 6.0.

  • Disable Directory List

  • Replace paths in the JavaScript code

  • Replace in AJAX requests
    Thes are just hte options get confusedon

  • Replace the _wpnonce variable

  • Automatically insert the Last Modified header (Recommended)

  • Return an If-Modified-Since responce (Recommended)
    Remove REST API Links
    Remove jQuery Migrate
    Disable Embeds
    Remove RSD Link
    Removing XFN (XHTML Friends Network) Profile Link
    Remove wlwmanifest Link