WCAG 2.0 compability



In Europe ALL new websites must follow the law of WCAG 2.0 For the moment I use Jupiter theme for 90% of my websites, and was planning to do so in the future, as I am satisfied with the service and functionality of the theme. However, because of several issues the WCAG 2.0 makes it impossible for me to use Jupiter theme in the future, unless some upgrades concerning WCAG 2.0 is being done. Especially it is important that the website can be navigated only with keys and not mouse.

My wish is that you do like many other themes, and upgrade the theme to be 100% compatible with the WCAG 2.0 requirements, as this will be “a must” in the future.

Thank you.

Robert Helle


This has been reported quite a few times and we are still discussing it’s possibility at our end.
Let’s hope the theme is upgraded to WCAG 2.0 soon.


Ok thank you. Would be great if you upgrade. Then I dont have to spend time finding a new main theme for my sites.


Hopefully, it will be done in the future.