Just updated theme, when i wanted to update Visual Composer tt says :

To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to activate your Visual Composer.

When i click further it says:


It seems that you do not have any valid license for Visual Composer. What does it mean? It may be so that you got Visual Composer by purchasing WordPress theme which does not grant you with direct license for Visual Composer.

Is this a problem ?


Ignore this message.

Jupiter has Artbees modified VC version so one cant update VC as a regular plugin. In fact, if you did, you would break your website. Always use VC update that comes with Jupiter theme.

And if you want to update to VC 4.11, then I would recomend reading this article:


That link is dead. I’m hitting the same wall. I updated to Jupiter V5, it says to update VC. I go to update it and I get:

To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to activate your Visual Composer.

Please send a valid link or give the instructions here.



Hi Michael,

Yes, this link has changed after my last post.
Just a comment that, one should never update to a regular Visual Composer as it would break the theme. Visual Composer gives all its users a message that they should buy a subscription but with Artbees, it wont work.

To update your Visual Composer do the next:

  • Update your theme to the latest version.
  • Delete your current Visual Composer plugin.
  • Go Appearance -> Install Plugins (Install and activate your new version of Visual Composer from there.)

And make sure you BACKUP your site before you delete or update anything!


Can you be more explicit please?

I updated to the new theme, removed the old VC.

It said I needed Artbees Theme Capture. I got it.

It then said to install VC while I was updating Artbees Theme Capture.

I did. Now I have: WPBakery Visual Composer (Artbees Modified Version) installed

It says Update Required in the plugin screen. Going into that, I get: Current Version is 4.7, minimum of 4.11 required, 4.11 available. I then click to update and get that error message… Any idea what to do?

And thanks again for the help!

EDIT: I’m an idiot. You MUST DEACTIVATE THE PLUGIN to update.


Could you send me a screenshot of your plugins screen?

And what version of Jupiter did you have before?


I edited my question, it updated now. I had it activated and it wasn’t happy about updating like that.

Edit: Working link (as of right now) to updates for the theme and VC:


Glad you got it working:)