Visual Composer - Front End Editor



Hello, love the theme,

Would be perfect if we could get the Front End Editor to work.
I understand there’s an issue with short codes, as the reason it wont work.

Thank you.


Add me to the list :slight_smile:


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


I also feel the front end editor for Visual Composer will be much helpful for newbies. Do consider implementing them. Thanks.


I feel robbed and disappointed. At first you made me buy a license for the Visual Composer to get it working and then it seems you have disabled (the best) part of it.


Agree!!! This should be a priority as other template vendors have jumped on this bandwagon!!!


TRUE STORY. I am totally disappointed that the FRONT END editor does not work.


This might happen in the future if we get many requests on it. But I don’t think it’ll happen over night. There will be many codes that has to get re-written and it should pass many quality tests.


@Rick_Muller You don’t need a separate license for it. In fact Jupiter is only compatible with the modified version of Visual Composer which bundles with Jupiter. This modified version offers those awesome shortcodes which come with Jupiter and enhances the experience of Visual Composer.


The fact is that FrontEnd Editor is earning its way in web designing …offering a more ergonomic access to designing web pages. And a lot of other page builders out there are offering frontend editing solutions, improving their functionality, speed and friendly UI. As this scene is actually evolving, so will have to do Jupiter, in order to stay up to date. Otherwise it will become a backdated theme and it will not attract new or up to date web designers.

Then it will only be us stuck with Jupiter’s old ways…
Old with white hair…
Still making monolithic web monuments…


Front end button will make everything easier for all Jupiter´s users. Should be your number one priority


Add me to list …

I also wait for this feature and cant understand why artbess didnt add it…


Frontend editor yes please would make my life so much easier!!!


@artbees why you didn’t update ?


Well, I purchased Jupiter Theme, then I found that the front editor wasn´t available, then I bought the full license from Visual Composer, and guess what…
This almost seems a joke, a bad taste one, a one that makes customers feel that they were not treated with respect, to say the least.

I came from Divi and after buying 3 Jupiter and 1 Visual Composer Licenses can you guess what is going to happen?..

Please don’t point me at terms and conditions and all the little words text (that will be really disrespectful).


Jaoa_silva you came from Divi? I was thinking of making the move. It is an open community where other users create add-ons, and share code snippets. Over here, everything has to go by Artbees, and the feature requests go years without being answered. New stuff seen on other websites? You can be sure Artbees will be the last to bring it (for example, a simple CTA button in the header, which they have an use on their own version of Jupiter). But to share that with us, the users? Nooooooooooooo… We have to do some CSS stuff that rarely works… cause it’s just a menu item that is hacked with CSS.


I realized that I could not organize my home with the visual composer, what exactly is the reason?


Guys at Artbees, the same person that complaints and claims for a feature as vehemently as I did concerning the Visual Composer Front End Editor has the moral obligation to come here and say thank you and congratulations for having presented us with it (front end).
Thank you, well done, I congratulate you for having respected your clients/users and for taking this step.