Visual Composer front end compatibility


This is a serious disappointment as I thought you included the full functionality of Visual Composer. I strongly suggest that you rewrite the theme shortcodes to be VC compatible and make Jupiter the full featured theme I thought it to be. The responsive control is extremely important/

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I second this. Would be such a added option.


Thank you for your feature request. Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and they see it fit.


I would also like this feature… I bought a license of VC because I thought it could be that limitation. It’s really disapointing me that I cant use Front end editor…


Artbees “The Ken”, what’s going on??

I excitedly bought The Ken because it has a great look, but ARE YOU GOING TO INCLUDE THE ABILITY TO USE FRONT END EDITOR? This is a huuuuuge dissapointment! I love the look of your theme, but the backend editor is still way too cumbersome and time consuming to edit the site.

Please let me know because I need to use a different theme, if not.

Please listen and make it possible to use the Front End editor. I even bought my own license thinking that would somehow do the trick.

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I second that. Front end editing would be great.