Visual Composer 5.0 and The Ken


My plugins page is flashing that "There is a new version of WPBakery Visual Composer (Artbees Modified Version) available. "

It looks like it has some performance increases.

The last time there was an update to VC I waited until there was an update to The Ken to make very thing smooth in transition.

Should I be waiting on a The Ken update? Should I just click up date on the VC plugins page?

Has anyone else gone up to 5.0? Did it go smooth or break anything?



I also would like to know this.


It may break the layout. The update messages are coming from the original author WPBakery. Ken works with Artbees Modified Visual composer. The latest version is 4.12.1 which is compatible with the Ken 3.6.

Please consider that Artbees modified visual composer have many custom shortcodes which you can’t find in the original visual composer, which can cause issues with the pages on which you have used those shortcodes if you use original WPBakery version 5.0. So I would suggest you to wait for the Version 5.0 officially released by the Artbees team with the Ken update.

We going to launch the Artbees Modified Visual Composer 5.0.1 update with Jupiter 5.5 within 2-3 days. Hope it would also be available soon for the Ken theme.