Vimeo video backgrounds in page sections


I’m testing the new version of Jupiter and am trying to recreate page types that I have created for other sites. I want to use a video background for a page section. I typically use for hosting my videos. I have added one to the elementor and the video plays while I’m designing, but then when I publish, nothing is there except the overlay color - no video. I’m using the format which typically works. please advise.



Unfortunately, there is no direct support of Vimeo videos in Elementor Section Background.
You can either use Youtube videos or locally hosted videos with preferably mp4 format.

The Section element is a default element of Elementor. May be we will try to build an element in future which has better support for the background videos.

Currently, you can try to add Vimeo video as mp4 to the section. I tried to search some articles but couldn’t find much. Here is a promising article


Thanks for taking the time to look into it. I’m aware of the vimeo .mp4 method as that what I’ve used in certain circumstances with the Jupiter theme. And I tried that initially with the Elementor page section before reaching out to the community. Strange as the video plays fine during the live editing of the page, but not on publish. This is disappointing. One issue I have with youtube videos is that they don’t stream or loop nicely as Vimeo does. Perhaps a solution will present itself. I’m evaluating if I want to continue with Artbees themes in the future. Hopefully, elements such as this or others that were available in the current Jupiter, will continue to be made available in the new version.


Yes, we are trying our best to improve the theme everyday and make all the Jupiter 6 present elements available in Jupiter X too.


Any progress on this? I have almost 20 licenses between person and work - all use vimeo videos for backgrounds. When will this be available? We were told all elements would be the same - this is a major issue! It’s been 6 months…please let me know a method for applying the page section background video using please. thanks


Still waiting on this…any progress? Vimeo performance is much better. I can’t match my jupiter 6 site to x without it.