Vertical center



This feature has already been added to the Page Section element/shortcode.

Please edit the Page Section element/shortcode and you will see 2 options related to vertical center alignment.



why only at page section?

it’s like a…a…you offer to us to drink…when we want to eat…


YES!! Gets my vote!!


I do not exactly understand. Where else do you want it??



The feature is already there.

Please check Vertical center


  • I think users expect it to be a functionality inside the “row” element, as it’s there for some themes (e.g. Salient). I was looking there too until I googled it.

  • Also the “Page Section” element feels like a row element - why not put the functionality inside the row element in an extra tab?

  • The current version of “Vertical Align” in “Page Section” seems to apply the alignment via js/jquery(?) as you can see the element jumping into position when the page loads. In my opinion a css approach (table/table-cell/vertical-align?) is more beautiful as you don’t see the elements jumping