Vertical center



It would be great if it was possible to vertically center text in items such as Title Box, etc.



I second this.
This would be useful for elements within a cloumn when other columns next to it have more content and therefore have a bigger height.


Thank you for your feature request,

Our developers will consider implementing this feature if there are enough requests and/or they see it fit.


I’d definitely like this option, too.


YES YES YES!!! I mean you guys already design by aligning vertically by using spaces. To get the right amount of pixels there is quite a few trials and errors. One click vertical align and this will save you and us so much time!! Good for business good for business :wink:


All your +1 are considered. Thank you for your engagement. :slight_smile:


I would also love this feature. Would save SOOOOOO much time.

Im currently fiddling around with “custom box” and “Flip Box” elements within my columns. It is very very time consuming having to use the “empty space” element to get my buttons level at the bottom of the element.

Then once i do as soon as i make the screen smaller they are all un-level again.

What is the best what to get the elements and buttons level throughout the columns?? (including all responsive sizes)

Thanks in advance


Get I also get in on this?!


Yes, you can :smile:


This would be absolutely amazing. I’m having the hardest time vertically centering text relative to an image in the adjacent column. Currently trying to use multiple instances of “padding space” that turn off and on based on screen size… not fun.


+1 from me. Trying to vertically center a column to fit next to an image and having this option would help greatly.


Text to fill up 20 characters.


Yes, please. i would like this


+1. This would be a big help.


I figured out a super easy way to do this. The Page Section element already has a ‘vertical centre’ option and it used the .center-y class, so all you need to do is just add the class name “center-y” to any element you want vertically centered.


I’d definitely like this option, too.


Have you implement this feature yet?


Yes, I’d like this feature too.


A LOT of themes have the ability to vertically center content now, it’s about time Jupiter joins them!


Yes, please. i would like this