Upgrading version of VC causing problems


Has anyone else had a problem when they upgraded to VC 4.7.4? I ran the update last night and now I’m unable to edit the elements I created using Visual Composer.


VC is only working on pages here. On posts it doesnt work. What am i doing wrong?


aiiii sorry i think this also goes for you Diane!
On left side - go to visual composer and mark the other parts you want visual composer visible in.
then save and it is working again.


Yes… same here… I can not edit pages after the upgrade.


Same Problem here… strange that it does not exist on other websites with same constellation… has anyone solved the edit shortcode problem?


Same here, all the elements are unresponsive in the editor.


Nobody has a solution for this problem? A quick fix?


For such cases please kindly contact our support system by adding new ticket. Our support staff will be happy to help you out there:


Thank you and regards,

Artbees support


I opened up a ticket…



Thank you. We will follow up there.