Upgrading from 4.4.4 to 6.1.6


Hi, I have to upgrade a site from Jupiter 4.4.4 to 6.1.6.

I tried via ftp and got a white page on the homepage and on the admin.

Anything I should know before I try the appearance/theme process ? Dear Artbees support, do you think this upgrade is even possible? Any advices ?

Thanks for your help.


Jupiter 4 is a very old version of the theme.
If you want to upgrade to v6, you will have to re-create your site partially or whole because there is some incompatibility among the 2 versions.

I suggest you setup a staging site, upgrade the theme and then fix the issues. Once the issues are fixed, you can migrate it to the live site.

That said, if you decide to re-create the site from the base, I suggest you go with Jupiter X + Elementor.


Hi there!
I’m trying to update Jupiter Version: 5.0.10 to Version 6; but I don’t seem to be able to find V6 anywhere. I purchased it from themeforest and it only gives the option to download stupid Jupiter X which breaks every single page!
I’m in a difficult situation here:
The site is running perfectly fine but when I upgraded Wordpress, Visual Composure editor disappeared. In order to get updated Visual Composure by WP Bakery Artbees edited version, I have to update Jupiter theme but I can’t find V6.
Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.


Hi, V6 is in the same zip file than Jupiter X when you download the theme from themeforest.


You will have to download the whole theme bundle and you will be able to get files for both Jupiter 6 and Jupiter X.

You can also download it from https://themes.artbees.net/dashboard/releases/