Updating Pages Issue


Hello. I am new to Eleminator. I am trying to edit the content on my website with Eleminator. I’ll get the content looking just how I want it and then I’ll click the Update button. But nothing changes on my live site.

I am not using a cache plugin currently. Also, I’ve edited the color of my header. The new colors take effect in the editing screen. However the new colors do not show up on my live site.



I’ve been editing other areas as well. It’s almost like it doesn’t want to take the PX sizes I’m applying. I’ll adjust the height of an element or the space between two elements but when I click Update, the updates do not show on my site.


Now my logo is missing from me Header… But it’s there in Eliminator. I don’t know what the heck is going on…


Hello? Anyone? I’m completely stuck.


Definitely sounds like a cache issue.
I was having a similar issue - I switched from Child theme to full and then back
And after that my pages showed on the front end just like they did in the backend


I don’t have a caching app installed. Also, Jupiter X doesn’t have a child theme. At least the build I installed doesn’t have one. Should it?


Ok, so I found the child theme and installed it. I’ve taken your advise but it still doesn’t work. Would it be a PHP version issue? I really wish someone from Artbees would help…


I have fixed the issue. I had to regenerate the CSS in the Eleminator settings.


Did that fix the issue with the logo not showing?