Updating JupiterX is torture


Hi Support,

I’m really sorry to have to write this but your product has become a huge torture - for anyone who wants to work productively with it.

Jupiter X + Elementor + Raven that makes me stomach ache when I just have to think about it. Every time there is an update it will destroy the navigation or the elements or there will be errors during the update.

And then the information in the backend is not correct. You write that you first have to update the theme and then the core plugin. Here in the forum I have to read that the update fails because the core plugin is not up to date - what’s that?

And if there is a solution, it usually comes many days or even weeks later. How should I justify that to my customers.

I built more than 20 sites under Jupiter and they all went well - until the day you decide JupiterX is the next big thing. Since then, I feel like a beta tester.

Conclusion: JupiterX can no longer be used with good conscience on customer pages. The danger of a crash is just too big.


I could not agree more. I have a similar story.


every update breaks my elementor header, i need to go in each time and reformat it.


same with me.
So could you please help us?
my site is still off - https://test.fahrschule-brauer.de


I’ve just updated a site (a site I’ve been left behind because of the mentioned update problems) made with JupiterX 1.10 (with child theme), WPML, Elementor pro, WP 5.2.x, Jet engine post types and listings, to the last WP, JupiterX and all plugins version. Not a single problem or a warning in the logs, and all seems to works just exactly as before the updates. The only plugin I was not able to update is Layerslider.

I hope I can now update all others sites in the same situation, with the same results.