Update theme and inconsistent instructions


There are inconsistent instructions compared to the menu.
On the dashboard there is a Ken heading with install templates and there is a Appearance heading…
and it has changed a few times …sometimes the install theme is available under appearance and sometimes not.

Trying to update existing theme and will not allow me to do it.

If you look at the update Ken video by Artbees on youtube there is no Ken heading on the left.
They are either updating their interface and not telling their own staff as when I show them what I can see they have different view…(and yes I have updated to the newer version)…

Very close to just dumping Ken and writing it off as bad experience…by the way I work with new software and test software regularly … so here’s hoping a good Samaritan will point me in the right direction…


For such cases please kindly contact our support system by adding new ticket. Our support staff will be happy to help you out there: