Update of Advanced Custom Fields Pro to 5.7.8 asks for license key


We cannot update Advanced Custom Fields Pro to the latest version 5.7.8, because it asks for a license key. The purchase key of JupiterX does not seem to work.

Does anyone have an idea?
Many thanks.


It is promised to be solved in next update.


I get this, however the message shows in the main Wordpress Plugins section.
Because this is a bundled plugin with Jupiter X, you need to ignore this message and tab.
Instead go to the Plugins tab on the Jupiter X Control Panel and update it from there.


This plugin is included in Jupiter exclusively for Jupiter users. You can not just go to WP plugin section and update it. Instead you need to go to Jupiter X plugin manager (In control panel) and update plugins from there. This way you don’t need license or anything.


I have 5.7.10 installed, 5.7.12 available, but I don’t see an ‘update’ button or anything in the control panel -> plugins, just the option to deactivate.
It was only released yesterday (15 Feb) so I’m guessing you’ll need to push it from your end to Jupiter X users?


for me also its showing" There is a new version of Advanced Custom Fields PRO available. View version 5.7.12 details. Automatic update is unavailable for this plugin.
To enable updates, please enter your license key on the Updates page. If you don’t have a licence key, please see details & pricing."

what to do?


but what if the updates are coming to those plugins? those are premium plugins for jupiter x right?


Please ignore the update notice as that is from the original author.

The plugins that ship with the theme should always be updated from Jupiter X -> Control Panel -> Plugins. In case, the update button is not available, it means we have not pushed the new update yet and you should ignore the update notice.