Update jupiter 6 to jupiter x


How update my site de jupiter 6.1 to jupiter x


Hi Pedro,

Kindly check this article out:

By the way, our Donut plugin is on the way which will let you have WPBakery on the Jupiter X soon. So, if you can wait a little bit more, you can benefit from this new plugin to ease the process of the upgrade.



are there any news?


Yes any update on this Donut plugin? I have 23 clients whom I convinced withing the past 3 years to purchase Jupiter, and now I need to upgrade them all. I would really like an easier method of upgrading them, especially since they all have live sites.


Are there any news yet?


It’s passing it’s final tests. We hope to release it soon via out next sprint. Please stay tuned.


I’m assuming that this isn’t happening. It’s been months and no updates.


Still nothing? Did the plugin not pass the final test?


You don’t necessarily need to upgrade to Jupiter X as Jupiter 6 will continue to work separately and indefinitely.


Unfortunately, it will still take some more time.
It is still in the testing phase. It will be released next month if not this month.


is this released now?


Still nothing and if you look Jupiter 6 last update was in 11 Sep, 2019. The vulnerabilities in this theme is insane