Undefined index survey_link and survey_id


I’m getting these errors when logging into Admin, then I refresh the page and they no longer appear. Errors are below. Any thoughts?

Undefined index: survey_link in wp-content/themes/jupiter/framework/helpers/survey-management.php on line 110

Undefined index: survey_id in /wp-content/themes/jupiter/framework/helpers/survey-management.php on line 113


Please upgrade your theme to the latest version and the issue will be resolved.


Hi, the theme is up to date. Jupiter 6.2.0. But the same error is still being displayed at debug file… Do you have any other solutions apart from upgrading the theme?



If you updated the theme to 6.2, there shouldn’t be any error anymore. It might be your previous logs which you are looking at. Please clear your error logs and try again and make sure your theme is updated to the latest version.