Unable to use theme on PHP 7.2 server


Hi all! We’ve recently upgraded our site www.buncebuildings.com to a PHP 7.2 server and unfortunately, we’re encountering an issue with the theme. It seems like we’re unable to activate it, or edit a page after the migration without the site reverting to the twentyseventeen theme. For the moment, it seems stable so long as we don’t edit any pages or tinker with the theme settings. We were wondering if you all had a fix on the way, and if so, when we might expect that update.


I was just about to upgrade to 7.2 I think I will wait… did you get a fix for this yet?



Which version of the KEN are you using?


Hey Danish! We’re using version 3.2 of Ken currently.


Could you please update to the latest version that is 4.1 ?


We tried updating to the latest version and encountered the same issue as 3.2. I’ll set up a staging site for you to log int and have a look if that would help!


Hey Danish,

I just wanted to check in and see if you’d seen our message above. We could really use a quick resolution on this if possible. Is there anything I can provide, or do to make that happen?



Hello Peter,

This might actually need some debugging. Could you please log in to your Artbees account and start a live chat?