Typewriter speed


Is there a way to slow down and have the Typewriter element in the Ken theme pause after each typed word before going to the next one. It is really fast.


Hi @Jeff

Please go to ken>js>theme-scripts.js

Change the backdelay value on line number 3383.

Best regards,
Artbees Support


Hi Pankaj, thanks for the reply. I changed the values but it did not change anything. For example I set loop to false and changed the speed. It stayed the same.

strings: $strings,
typeSpeed: 10, // typing speed
backDelay: 3600, // pause before backspacing
loop: false, // loop on or off (true or false)
loopCount: 1, // number of loops, false = infinite

Is there something else I need to change to get this to work?


I found the code you are referencing but it didn’t change the speed. Is there somewhere else to look?