True Masonry Grid - no image cropping


Hi Artbees…

A true masonry option is missing from Jupiter’s shortcodes.

What I mean is that there is no way to add images with different aspect ratio to a gallery grid, with no image cropping.
Jupiter’s current masonry is a fixed aspect ratio (square 1:1) grid with image cropping.
This is very limited for photography oriented website design …as framing (cropping) is part of the artwork and it is done before hand.

OK…one could use the default VC Masonry Grid shortcode for a vertical (fixed width) masonry option is an option …BUT the lighbox it uses is Paleolithic and does not fit the aesthetics of the theme.
So, unless you could provide a way to override the default PrettyPhoto lightbox with your fancy lighbox for example (the one you use in Photo Album shortcode…!!) …it would be nice to provide an option for true masonry - ideally two options: one for vertical masonry (fixed width) and one for horizontal masonry (fixed height) :slight_smile:

I would be happy to receive your feedback.
Please like or comment to give this feature a priority.
Kind thanks for a wonderful theme.



Definately +1 from me. The square aspect ratio is a real pain and severely limits the usefulness of the masanory component.