Translate News Title and Slug


Hi All,

We have multiple Jupiter sites running. Overall we are pretty happy with it but some small things are extremely frustrating. For example; we now have 1 site where we use “news”. For some reason it’s impossible to edit the overview page, which doesn’t really matter because it seems to look fine. However, we would like to either remove the title (which is best) above the overview or translate it. Translating seems impossible though. Also, we prefer to change the breadcrumb name too. This we already tried:

  • Loco translate (not working)
  • Change the slug (not working)
  • Switch of titles completely (not working)
  • Switch of breadcrumbs (works, its gone but the title is stil there)

Any clue?



We need to investigate this issue.
Could you please create a ticket and provide WP Dashboard/FTP credentials?

Thank you.
Best regards,
Artbees Support.