TinyMCE Advanced


in the TinyMCE Advanced I miss the options of Jupither to insert videos, pictures or other options. I know, this was an extra menu here to select all the options here to insert something.

Can someone help me?

Many Thanks



Are you using TinyMCE plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/tinymce-advanced/ ?
Can you show a screenshot of the issue for better understanding?

Thank you.
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Artbees Support.



yes the plugin is installed. But there is the menu item where I can choose what I want to add, such as Pictures, videos or other elements. Also in the TE settings I can not add anything to the menu as I have seen

Thank you.


Anyone has an idea?
i miss this Option.


Hi Tatyana,

did you know more? I still miss the menu item.
Under this there was the Visual Composer (WS Bakery) then all possibilities to insert things, Bidler, Videos, Icons, Google Maps …