Theme-options-production.css changing filename



my Jupiter file theme-options-production.css is changing name. Versioning is not only by parameter but in filename too.

Instead of:
is version number in filename too
And number in filename is changing from time to time. I use part of my Wordpress on static part of the hosting as a html. And it does problems. Theme-options-production.css is not loading.

Anyone has the same problem? Should not be the name of this css without changing number as a part of the filename?



This file is dynamic and generated automatically.
It’s normal that filename may be changed.

Do you have any issues with your site because of it?

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Artbees Support.


Thank you Tatyano. It is too complicated to explain. I am exporting few Wordpress pages to static part of my pages. There is heavy traffic - thats why I need part of the presentation in static html. And when CSS changes its filename it is not accessible by that static html file.
If it is not a mistake that versioning file is not only parameter but part of the filename there is nothing we can do with it…
Thank you



I have the same problem. The table wp-option is adding 3 records at every page reload:
theme-options-production-1529780225.css_sha1 - 69702d3feddc65cbe44ef48340f26ecb588852a2

The DB reached 70MB and the website is loading very bad. I cleaned the table but the behavior persist. Is it a virus/malware?

Other websites with the same theme don’t behave in the same way.



The Theme Options does not change the filename on every page load.
It only changes the filename whenever Theme Options are saved again.

The problem you are facing, I don’t think it’s theme related. You should try deactivating all the plugins and see if the issue persists.