TheKen Section Video Embed (Help!)


Hi there. I want to embed a video into a section via Vimeo.

When I go into a section, I have the option to embed a video.
I’m presented with a few input boxes for video formats (Mp4, Webm, etc).
When I input the vimeo or youtube sharing link, nothing happens.

I’ve searched for help through these forums and google and the only available resources for TheKen link to embed videos for Jupiter (Why???).

Screencast -

I am stuck.



I know nothing about The Ken theme but in Jupiter there is a seperate button for choosing between social and self hosted video. I didnt see it in your video so maybe The Ken does not support youtube videos in page section? Putting a whole youtube URL inside MP4 field wont work as there is a geat chance that that youtube video aint the same format and its clearly ment for self hosted videos.

Have you contacted Artbees Support?