The Ken VC Frontend ability


Hey there! I just bought and installed The Ken! So far so good BUT: is there no Front End Feature for the Visual Composer? Or do I need to it switch on first?



I just submitted a ticket about this, I have the same problem… does your site also use https? I feel my lack of frontend editor may be because of errors I saw in the developer console is blocking resources from loading as my site is HTTPS…


Same problem here …


@Adam_Symons @Daniel_Wojahn
I found how to fix it if you are still looking for it:

If you install the Disable Gutenberg plugin or Classic Editor plugin to fix this problem. If you install one of these plugins, you could use the xWP Bakery (Visual Composer)page builder like as before.

Also, we’ll release a new update as soon as possible.


Glad you figured it out :slightly_smiling_face: