The KEN - Theme translations - Spanish and others


Hi There! Have somebody work with this theme and translate it to Spanish (Or any other language?)

I have been having issues translating the theme by myself, PoEdit, Loco, downloading and uploading files in the server. Nothing works, the translation wont show in the page.

  1. Should you translate the main theme or the child?
  2. Is the tex domain “tgmpa” or “mk_framework”?
  3. Loco Transalate asked to set up the advanced configuration, Has anybody do this?
  4. The .POT file only come with 4 strings to translate.
  5. Where are you supposed to save the .PO and .MO files. What is the right path to get the theme translated in 6. the real life.
  6. I don’t need every string translated. Only those that I see are shown in my page. Like the labels in the contact forms.
  7. Will Jupiter files work for us? Since the team work so hard in that theme and not in The Ken, has anybody tried this before? At the end these themes are kind of brothers.

I have lost 4 days doing everything to try to fix this. This is frustrating :sweat:

I know is a lot of questions, I just hope we can share our experiences here and see what is working for others.