Text/title wrapping


I hate that there is no option to make my Page Titles or any other text for that matter (such as h1s) wrap instead of breaking mid-word. Also, as far as I know, there is no option for media queries unless you write the CSS yourself. It would be great if when you choose Font sizes, there is a way to select word-wrap or word-break and way to select different sizes for different size screens. My only workaround has been using Visual Composer to create 2 headings - one that shows up on desktops and one that shows up on mobile screens. But my clients find this so annoying because if they update that title, they have to update it twice.


Definitely agree with the word wrap issue.

For device text size though if you’re using Fancy Header you can select the responsive option where the text will change sizes that you can set at different screen widths