Templates for Jupiter X (I can not install it)


Hello people,
I installed everything, and now I can not install any template appears as follows:

:white_check_mark: Backup database (Database reseted)
:white_check_mark: Downloading package (Completed)
Install required plugins
Installing in progress …

The last two items look like this forever :frowning:

can you help me?


Same problem i have raised the ticket no update from support


Still no update on the ticket, have you got any solutions


I’ve the same problem, I’ve been trying to install Agency 2 theme. What theme are guys installing ?


Hey, try this guys, [quote=“godisportalen, post:8, topic:14458, full:true”]
Guys, I had the same problem. Took forever to import a template. But then I deactivated Advanced Custom Fields Pro under Plugins… and then like whoooaala, it workd!

Now a template loads up in like 60 seconds!

Good luck boys!

it worked for me. Good luck.


Thank you very much, Jayson_Yata!!!
That worked for me too.