TEMPLATE for an existing website (without loosing original data)


Hi, I just purchased the theme to have a new design for an old website/blog. I am testing Jupiter theme and it’s templates before I make the real change.

I just learned that all original posts, pages, images has to be deleted and I will loose all data in order to upload a new template. I was able to restore back to the old design, but can’t figure out a way to use the templates without loosing the entire existing website.

Is there any way to adapt the theme within the existing website? I tried importing my data (posts, pages, images) and it didn’t work. I get blank pages and nothing is importing.

I appreciate your help and suggestion to solve this issue.
Thank you :slight_smile:



You can install templates manually and your data will be saved.
Please read here how to do this:

Thank you.
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Artbees Support.


Hi Tatyana,

I followed your link, but the templates are still deleting all the original data:

“Important Notice, Installing a new template will remove all current data on your website. Do you want to proceed?”

Is there any way to install a theme without deleting my original posts, pages, images etc?

I have been reading, watching videos, trying installing/unstaling templates, but I got to a point that really need help to not have my existing website delete.

I am looking forward to hearing from you with a better solution, videos, or step by step regarding that.
Thank you :slight_smile:


I am wondering if need to hire someone to Re-design my existing website?



You’re trying automatic method of installation.
Did you try to install a template manually https://themes.artbees.net/docs/install-templates/#installing-a-template-manually as described in this section https://prnt.sc/k380e2 ?

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Artbees Support.


Yes, the template I choose worked for the home only. The other pages didn’t show, but at this point that’s fine.
Thank you!



You’re welcome.

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Artbees Support.