Tagline problems


Tagline appears incorrectly in every browser except Chrome on a PC - logo image in header fails to appear as well.


site logo appears in Chrome but not MS IE on PC, nor Chrome on Mac, or several other browsers



The logo and the tagline are not appearing even on the Chrome.
Also, there are many 404 errors on the site.


check multi browser behavior on


Were site is being developed. Site displays properly in Chrome on a PC, not a Mac.


Sorry to bother - this is a site I inherited from another developer. I am discovering more and more errors which have to be corrected, not only these intermittent problems, but a host of HTML & CSS errors detected by Screaming Frog and W3C syntax checkers.

The reason the logo was only appearing in Chrome on my PC turns out to be a cached copy in Chrome. After clearing cached images, it fails just like every where else. I’ve had so much trouble with wierd anomalies and errors, I didn’t think of long standing cached data.

The moral is - always clear caches when making changes!



We need to investigate why logo isn’t shown. Please create a ticket https://themes.artbees.net/new-ticket and provide WP Dashboard and FTP credentials to check the issue.

Thank you.
Best regards,
Artbees Support.