SVG Logo


I have added the plugin to enable using SVG graphics in my media library. I uploaded my SVG logo in the theme options, however it will not show up on my page. The png works, but the svg does not. The png is extremely bad quality. I’d really like to be able to use the svg logo. Thanks!


The problem seems to be that Jupiter does not give the svg image a width/height. They default to 0, so the logo is not shown.
Adding this .header-logo a img { width: 200px; } should make the logo appear.


Thank you for your respons!! That was the problem, but now I’m having to do figure our what class name all the svg graphics that I use are on the site and give them a width/height property. Is there any way that I can do this globally


You could try something like img[src$="svg"] { width: 100px; }, but that would only work if all images are the same …


When will Jupiter be able to properly use svg?
It’s actually a pretty basic function nowadays.


Yeah, SVG support for the header logo would be fantastic.


Where can I get the plugin to enable using SVG graphics?


This is pretty much a showstopper, not to be able to use svg in these days of hires screens. Come on guys…


Any news to this in Jupiter 6?


Hello, I’ve the same issue here. Why is there a SVG enable option if my SVG will be shown 0 width and height anyways?
If there’s a clean way to do this with Jupiter, I haven’t found it yet. Any ideas?

(otherwise I’ll hack with some custom CSS)

Thank you


+1 for more robust / any SVG support!